Superbike Standings

1) Troy Herfoss (Crankt Protein Honda Racing Team) 255 points
2) Glenn Allerton (Yamaha Racing Team) 238 points
3) Wayne Maxwell (Yamaha Racing Team) 233 points
4) Cru Halliday (Yamaha Racing Team) 165 points
5) Mike Jones (DesmoSport Ducati) 163 points

Brembo Superbike Challenge

1) Daniel Falzon (Jon Daniels Racing) 233 points
2) Brayden Elliott (Knobby Underwear Suzuk) 212 points
3) Sloan Frost (Next Gen Motorsports) 183 points
4) Ben Burke (BCperformance SA Kawasaki) 170 points
5) Adam Senior 168 points

Supersport Standings

1) Troy Guenther (Graffiti Alley Racing) 239 points
2) Sam Clarke (Banhams WA Racing) 231 points
3) Luke Mitchell (Yamaha YRD)218 points
4) Callum Spriggs (Cube Racing) 196.5 points
5) Ted Collins 146.5 points

YMF R3 Cup Standings

YMF R3 Cup Standings

1) Zac Levy 317 points
2) Hunter Ford 281 points
3) Callum Alderson 274 points
4) Aidan Hayes 232 points
5) Michael King 220 points

Moto3 / 125GP Standings

1) Brian Houghton (K1 Racing) 322 points
2) Locky Taylor (Honda) 286 points
3) Tayla Relph (Tayla Relph Racing) 284 points
4) Tommy Edwards 181 points
5) Dylan Whiteside 178 points

Over 300cc Production Standings

1) Brandon Demmery 323 points
2) Callum Alderson 311 points
3) Aidan Hayes 256 points
4) Jack Dawes 226 points
5) Ty Lynch 159 points

Up to 300cc Production Standings

1) Drew Sells 303 points
2) Tom Toparis 289 points
3) Sam Condon 257 points
4) Justin Hall 245 points
5) Reid Battye 197 points

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