The GP Juniors Cup is a single-make class that exclusively consists of production Yamaha R15 motorcycles. Making its debut in 2017 the GP Juniors Cup will feature as a support class on the ASBK calendar for three rounds, with an additional 3 rounds run outside the ASBK calendar, before becoming a permanent feature in the ASBK in 2018.

Introduced as a pure feeder program for our younger hopefuls (12 to under 16 years old) the rules are designed to ensure parity across the grid at a significantly reduced cost. Race ready for under $4,500.00 every bike is identical, run on identical tyres.

The class was developed to make it affordable and easy to start racing, to identify young natural talent and open a pathway for a younger generation of world champions. This is as cheap as racing gets!

Although very much a production based class, some changes are made to the production motorcycle to ensure they are race ready.


  • Yamaha R15 V2.0
  • Race fairing set
  • Braided steel front brake line
  • Lower set handlebars
  • Adjustment plates for rear set foot pegs
  • Engine cover crash knobs fitted
  • Performance exhaust system fitted
  • Alternate rear sprocket kit
  • Rear stand pickups to enable race stand to be used