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Caleb Gilmore

YMI Supersport 300 and YMF R3 Cup

NameCaleb Gilmore
Age and Birthday16 – 04/12/2003
Hometown/StateChristchurch, New Zealand
Describe yourself in 10 words?Adrenaline plus with a craving for speed
What is your worst habit?Coming second
What was your debut year in ASBK?2019
What bike/team did you ride for in 2019?Metcher 3 Motorsport
What bike/team/class are you competing in in 2020? Sponsors?Yamaha Metcher 3 Motorsport – YMI Supersport 300 and YMI R3 Cup
What does your training regime look like as you prepare for ASBK 2020?Riding mountain bikes, basic gym training, NZSBK series and Suzuki series NZ
Worst thing about training? What exercise do you hate doing?Don’t hate exercise but can’t say I enjoy running
Are you a former Australian Champion in any discipline?I’m not Australian, but would love to be successful in racing with my Aussie mates
Are you involved in any other sports or activities?Not currently
Have you ridden overseas?Yes, IDM at Assen Netherlands, New Zealand NZSBK and Suzuki series
Are you planning to ride overseas in 2020?Only in Australia and New Zealand
Fun or interesting fact about yourself?I’ve only been racing for 1 year and only been on a 300 for 7 months
What is your favourite thing about ASBK?The people, the environment, the tracks and Mel Metchers hot chillies
Favourite ASBK track?Only ridden Broadford and Eastern Creek – both awesome
Who is going to be your strongest competition in 2020?Everyone
What are your expectations for 2020?Hopefully a top 10
What is the one thing you can’t do without on race weekendMy Dad and the whole Metcher 3 team
What song/music genre do you listen to or routine you do to get into the ‘zone’ before a race?Rave music
Do you ride in any other discipline and how does this help with your racing?7 New Zealand minis and junior in motocross – this set me up for road
Who is your sports idol? And why?Jed Metcher and Scott Redding – Both fast
What social media platforms do you use?Facebook – Caleb Gilmore
Instagram – caleb_gilmore_