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Callum O’Brien

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Name Callum O’Brien
Age 17
Hometown/StatePerth, WA
FamilyDad Stephen O’Brien
Describe yourself in 10 wordsI always commit best to the things i love
What is your worst habit?Probably worrying that everything is organised
What was your debut year in ASBK?2018
What bike/team did you ride for in 2019?BC Performance Kawasaki and AS Racing
What bike/team/class are you competing in in 2020? Sponsors?Kawasaki ZX6R for AS Racing in Supersport 600 class.
Sponsor Registered Painters
What does your training regime look like as you prepare for ASBK 2020?I do a lot cycling and running, as well as light weight training. It’s so important.
Worst thing about training? What exercise do you hate doing?I actually love all my training, though its not easy summer training in 40 degrees
Are you a former Australian Champion in any discipline? Not yet. State Champion yes
Are you involved in any other sports or activities?I do lots of road cycling, running, swimming and general fitness
Have you ridden overseas?I’ve tested in Italy and hope to ride there competitively in the next year or 2
Are you planning to ride overseas in 2020?If we can arrange sponsorship/budget to do some overseas rounds we will for sure
Fun or interesting fact about yourself?I’m the most travelled competitor over the last two years in ASBK racing. 120,000kms
What’s your favourite thing about ASBK?The improving strength of ASBK riders. They are international level
Favourite ASBK track?Phillip Island
Who is going to be your strongest competition in 2020?All of the riders in the Supersport class are my competition. Everyone is pretty quick
What are your expectations for 2020?I’d like to be contending for top 5 placings as I progress this season
What is the one thing you can’t do without on race weekend?I need my own chair, table and space in the garage. I hate clutter too
What song/music genre do you listen to or routine you do to get into the ‘zone’ before a race?I like bits of all music. Everything from 80s music to chart music
Do you ride in any other discipline and how does this help with your racing?I just ride my motocross bike for fun sometimes
Who is your sports idol? and why?Jonathan Rea and Marquez. It sounds obvious, but they are the best
What social media platforms do you use?Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, snapchat, twitter.