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Casey Middleton

Oceania Junior Cup

NameCasey Middleton
Age and Birthday12 – 28/02/2008
Hometown/StateMount Crosby, Brisbane, Queensland
Describe yourself in 10 words.I am kind, honest. lots of fun, and passionate about sports
What is your worst habit?I really like zooperdoopers
What was your debut year in ASBK?OJC 2020
What bike/team did you ride for in 2019?Yamaha R15/Kayo MR15/RMU 80cc rode in MotoStars, AJRC, Preston MC Club and NCRR
What bike/team/class are you competing in in 2020? Sponsors?I will compete on my Yamaha R15 and RMU 80. OJC, MotoStars, AJRC, NCRR, Preston MC Club 150cc 4 stroke and 80cc 2 stroke Junior class. My sponsors are Ghost Armor Australia, Booker Signs, Tuning by Askel
What does your training regime look like as you prepare for ASBK 2020?I have a personal trainer, I do boxing training and go to the gym to workout. ride my mountain bike everyday, and motocross bike at home as much as possible. I will be attending as many Race school’s, training and track days as possible.
Worst thing about training? What exercise do you hate doing?Burpies
Are you a former Australian Champion in any discipline?2nd place Victorian Road Race Series 80cc Junior class in 2019. 1st GP Junior Australia 70cc 2 stroke novice class 2018
Are you involved in any other sports or activities?I play inter-school sports, rugby and soccer. I also enjoy playing guitar and swimming
Fun or interesting fact about yourself?I am a third generation road racer, both my grandfather and father raced motorcycles. I celebrated my 12th birthday this year at OJC’s RND 1,at Phillip Island in February.
What’s your favourite thing about ASBK?It’s exciting
Favourite ASBK track?My home track, Morgan Park in QLD
Who is going to be your strongest competition in 2020?Whom ever is in front of me
What are your expectation for 2020?To win, however to be in the top 5 would be an achievement with the competition on offer in 2020
What is the one thing you can’t do without on race weekend?On a race weekend, I always eat salmon and salad for dinner
What song/musicgenre do you listen to or routine you do to get into the ‘zone’ before a race?Mindfulness meditation. I do it before each race because it helps me to concentrate
Do you ride in any other discipline and how does this help with your racing?I ride motocross and flat track on my track at home as a form of cross training and slide control.
Who is your sports idol? And why?Valentino Rossi, I like the calculated way he rides
What social media platforms do you use?Facebook – Casey Middleton #20
Instagram – casey_middleton_20