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Cody Van Bergen

YMI Supersport 300 and YMF R3 Cup

NameCody Van Bergen
Age and Birthday16 – 23/08/2003
Hometown/State Airlie Beach, Whitsundays, Queensland
FamilyDad – Ben, Mum – Trish, twin sisters Kellie and Chloe
Describe yourself in 10 words Chilled out, relaxed, determined when the flag drops
What is your worst habit?Messy bedroom
What was your debut year in ASBK?2020
What bike/team did you ride for in 2019? Yamaha R3 – Burdekin Motorcycles, Overland Removals, Redcat Adventures
What bike/team/class are you competing in in 2020? Sponsors?Yamaha R3 – Jekyl n Hyde Hatch Racing. R3 Cup and SS300
What does your training regime look like as you prepare for ASBK 2020?Cycling and cardio gym work every day
Worst thing about training? Early mornings
Fun or interesting fact about you? My new nick name is “Burger Rings” apparently
What’s your favourite thing about ASBK?New tracks and competitors
Favourite ASBK track?Unsure, have not ridden on any of them
Who is going to be your strongest competition in 2020?Jacob Hatch
What are your expectations for 2020? Top 5 result for the championship
What is the one thing you can’t do without out on race weekend? Uncle Peter, my mechanic
What song/music genre do you listen to or routine you do to get into the ‘zone’ before a race?Sit quietly and process what needs to be done
Do you ride in any other discipline and how does this help with your racing?Road race at Whitsundays Motor Sports Complex
Who is your sports idol? And why?Dovi, because he doesn’t give up
What social media platforms do you use?Facebook – Cody Van Bergen
Instagram – cody.vb23