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Dominic De Leon

NameDominic De Leon
Current age and Birthday41, 25/06/1978
Hometown/StateOriginally from Trinidad and Tobago. Now living in Yarrawarrah NSW
FamilyWife Emma, kids Jayden, Joshua and Jesse
Describe yourself in 10 wordsMotivated, passionate, self-driven, go-getter, pedantic, focused, stubborn, humble, people person & Crazy with anything that has wheels
What is your worst habit?flossing
What was your debut year in ASBK?2019
What bike/team did you ride for in 2019?I rode Kawasaki ZX10R bikes. AT1 Racing
What bike/team/class are you competing in 2020? Sponsors?I am still on the ZX10R, same team (AT1 Racing) and I am competing in the Superbike class. Sponsors are AT1 Racing MotoHUB Castle Hill and BCPerformance.
What does your training regime look like as you prepare for ASBK 2020? Mountain Bike riding every weekend and lots of laps in the pool.
Worst thing about training? What exercise do you hate doing?Climbing big rocks when I am already totally spent. Hate burpees but still do them
Are you a former Australian Champion in any discipline?I wish haha
Are you involved in any other sports or activities?Mountain bike and road push bike riding
Have you ridden overseas?I raced in the UK from 2010 to 2013 in the Michelin Power Cup Championship
Are you planning to ride overseas in 2020?No
Fun or interesting fact about yourself?I can bend my thumb back a full 90 degrees and I have laxed ligaments
What’s your favourite thing about ASBK?The competition and ASBK community. It’s a great weekend of racing indeed. Just wish I could have afforded to do all the rounds
Favourite ASBK track? Eastern Creek. Now it will have to be Phillip Island
Who is going to be your strongest competition in 2020?Matt Tooley
What are your expectations for 2020?None, just want to pump out PBs left, right and centre and I will be a happy camper
What is the one thing you can’t do without on race weekend?Having someone touch my tyres and tell me they are hot just before I go out on track. This is extremely important. Can’t function if this isn’t done.
What song/music genre do you listen to or routine you do to get into the ‘zone’ before a race?Listen to Soca music and I keep repeating to myself “Business as usual”
Who is your sports idol? and Why?My Dad. He was the greatest when he raced back in the 80s and 90s. The way he approached his race weekend has totally impacted how I approach mine as well. So cool but yet an absolute animal once the helmet goes on. Plus he could never be beaten no matter who the other guys were they just could not stick with him. My true hero in every. This is why I run #63.
What social media platforms do you use?Facebook and Instagram. Dominic De Leon, AT1 Racing, AT1 ProRace Suits & Nic6363