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Jordan Carlsson

FacebookJordan Carlsson 45
YoutubeJordan Carlsson Racing
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Position finished in ASBK 20177
Race Highlight for ASBK 2017Walefield Park. Battle with Guiseppe Scarcella in the rain.
Racing achievement you are most proud of2016 ASBK Supersport Championship 3rd place
International Race MeetingsStaying domestic. Don’t like paying to ride overseas anymore.
Day JobFamily business
Goals for 2018Podium in each round of supersport
Biggest rival in the ChampionshipAnyone else out there
How many years have you been ridingToo long
Career Highlights/Championships2016 Australian Supersport Championship 3rd place
Home TrackQueensland Raceway
StrengthsAdapt quickly to different aspects on the bike and track.
WeaknessesNot getting enough time on the bike to test.
HeroesGrandfather Cliffy and girlfriend Kirsty.
Family history in the sportNone
Favourite track?Hidden Valley
Favourite sport besides motorcycle racing?Any sport as long as it tests you physically and mentally.
What can’t you live without?Exercise.
Race background in 30 wordsEnough is never enough. If its worth doing its worth overdoing.
Embarassing fact about you?Quote from my girlfriend: “Not sure if I’m the smartest dumb person, or the dumbest smart person you’ll meet”