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Rhys Belling

BikeYamaha YZF-R6
FacebookLXI Racing
HometownHawthorn, Vic
What does your training regime look like as you prepare for ASBK 2019?Not too serious. Preparing bikes and relaxing with the Boss.
What’s your favourite thing about ASBK?The racing. Top of the country and at a variety of tracks. (dont love the cost of it all haha)
Describe yourself in 3 wordsBalding, Old & Sore – Its still fun!
Tell us something about yourself that your fans may not knowI don’t eat red meat!
What achievement or milestone are you most proud of?Many along the way, from qualifying as a tradesman, registering business, taking on staff, most recent was completing deploma in building and construction.
What was your first win in ASBK?Entering my first race at the ripe age of 29
Who are your sponsors?LXI Racing (61 in roman numerals ) RB Building Services, YRD, Yamaha, The Grinning Dingo, Trilec Services.
Who is your sporting idol?Mark Webber
Who is your favourite rider of all time?Dont really have a favourite. Aussies on a world stage is great.
What’s your favourite track?Eastern Creek would be my favorite in Aus. IOM TT or Nurburgring is the all time favorite I have lapped around.
One thing you can’t do without on a race weekend?My motorbike
What song/s do you listen to, to get into the ‘zone’ before a race?Never listened to music before a race. Might try it.
Do you ride in any other discipline? (ie. Motocross, Trials, Enduro)Nope. Just 600s and only at asbk events mostly. Dont have time or money for anything else. If someone wants to assist in cross training, let me know 🙂