Located two hours North of Melbourne in rural Victoria, Winton Motor Raceway was first operational in 1959. Built by the Benella Auto Club the circuit is geographically the flattest venue on the ASBK calendar, its stop and go layout following traditional car circuit formula. In 1997 the club added a one kilometre extension which only cemented the flavour.

Ironically, however, despite the clear car influence in the design Winton Motor Raceway is extremely popular with motorcyclists and motorcycle race fans. The layout plays well into the hand of any rider who is a demon under breaks and rides a bike that offers good braking stability and turn in.

Resurfaced at the beginning of 2016 the move eliminated most of the bumps and now provide vastly improved grip. This additional abrasion has provided riders with a lot more confidence, however the more abrasive surface has also increased tyre degradation. With this in mind it is critical to ensure the character of the rear shock handles the transition from breaking to power efficiently over race distance. The race is won by a fast and smooth rider who conserves tyres.

The one area that lends itself to beautifully to bikes is the sequence of turns through from Turn Five to Eight, a combination of the only fast flowing left sweeper and right left switchbacks. From Turn Four you’ll often see riders setting up a pass leading to a Turn Seven pass under brakes.

Turn 10, 11 and Turn one all offer passing opportunities for those brave on the brakes.

The best viewing is from Turn Two under the commentary tower and through Turns Six to Nine at the back of the venue.

Ticket Prices:

1 day: $20 | 2 day: $30

1 day concession: $15 | 2 day concession: $25

15 and under FREE

All tickets are available for purchase at the gate

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Length: 3 Km’s

Corners: 12

Address: Winton Motor Raceway
41 Fox Street, Winton VIC 3673

Lap record: View All
Superbike: Cru Halliday – Yamaha R1 – 1:21.844
Supersport: Cru Halliday – Yamaha R6 – 1:24.724