MOTO 3 / 125GP

Based on the entry level category featured in the MotoGP World Championship, the Moto3 class is made up of the purpose built Honda NSF 250 R race bikes and have traditionally allowed a multitude of technical changes.

Introduced on the world stage in 2012, four-stroke machines replaced the two-stroke 125cc GP machines – a decision made as manufacturers turned their attention to the more technologically relevant four-stroke engine platforms.

A Moto3 bike must weigh in no less than 84kgs without rider; while the frame (Chassis) can be fabricated from scratch. Data logging is permitted (limited). The engine and all its components must be original OEM, produced by the manufacturer for the above listed homologated motorcycle.

Suspension systems must be of a conventional passive, mechanical type. Active and semi-active suspension systems and/or electronic control of any aspect of the suspension and ride height are not permitted. Springing must be by means of coil springs made of iron-based alloys.

The Moto3 is the ideal class to master the more technical aspects of road racing, including suspension, data logging etc. on a bike that is purpose built for racing. However it is also a more expensive enterprise in comparison to production racing, hence the continued support and inclusion of the less costly yet still race focused 125GP two-strokes in the category.


  • The only permitted wheel rim sizes are:
    Front 2.50” x 17”
    Rear 3.50” x 17” – Tyres as per supplementary regulations
  • Manufacturer: Honda
  • Configuration: single-cylinder
  • Displacement: 250 cc (0.25 L; 15.26 cu in)
  • Combustion: Four-stroke (from 2012)
  • Valve-train: DOHC, four-valves per cylinder
  • Fuel: unleaded 100 octane
  • Fuel delivery: Fuel injection – Natural aspiration



2006: P. Galvin (125GP)

2007: G. Scott (125GP)

2008: B. Leigh-Smith (125GP)

2009: B. Leigh-Smith (125GP)

2010: J. Mutton (125GP)

2011: N/A

2012: L. Gilding (Moto3)

2013: L. Walters (Moto3)

2014: C. Barker

2015: T. Bramich

2016: B. Houghton