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A Terrific Season of OJC Awaits

By MA Media 0

Newcomers battled returning riders for top honours under lights at the Official ASBK Test.

Day One

The bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup was given the honour of opening proceedings and soon the R15s were ripping into turn one, happily bumping off the rev limiters.

A good day – and evening – beckoned.

The bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup were first on track in every way; first to do their track walk with coach Garry McCoy and first onto the track proper aboard their Yamaha R15s.

In 2023, we’re seeing a number of new and returning riders, so the early sessions at a track many have never turned a lap at was simply familiarisation and ensuring they stayed rubber side down for the whole session.

It was newbie Riley Nauta who showed out in the early session, with a P1 in session one and P3 in session two in a fine debut- to date. Other riders up front included Bodie Paige, Hunter Corney and Sam Drane.

Big improvers over season 2022 included Ella McCausland and Nixon Frost who jumped up into the top five at times.

Session three was the first after the dinner break – a first for ASBK- and Bodie Page topped the timesheets from Corney, Nauta, Drane, Alexander Codey and Ella McCausland in sixth.

And then it was dark and the OJC ventured out for their first night session ever. It was Riley Nauta in his first year and full day as an OJC who was the fastest and immediately set himself as a top contender for season 2023.

Behind him came the Paige brothers with Bodie just edging out newcomer Jake for second place. Another newcomer in Rikki Henry was fourth with Valentino Knezovic in fifth looking for a full season after an injury hampered 2022.

Day One Combined Times, Official ASBK Test, SMSP

1 42 Riley NAUTA (QLD) 2:00.160

2 74 Bodie PAIGE (QLD) 2:00.426

3 40 Hunter CORNEY (QLD) 2:00.856

4 55 Jake PAIGE (QLD)2 :01.251

5 36 Rikki HENRY (SA) 2:01.316

Day Two

The final day of the mi-bike Motorcycle Insurance Australian Superbike Championship presented by Motul (ASBK) Official Test was set to be an all-daylight affair after last night’s all-important under-lights session.

First out in the morning, the top riders shuffled their order a touch, with first-year rider Riley Nauta who had been a top three contender last night dropping down to 12th and seemingly out of sorts. Topping the table was Bodie Page from his lookalike (and nemesis) Sam Drane in second. Valentino Knezovic continued his improvement and delivered on the promise he showed in 2022 and was third. OJC first-year riders Rikki Henry and Jed Fyffe were fourth and fifth.

While Bodie Page was the fastest for the session, he also had a get-off at turn five to apparently keep the OJC mechanic crew busy and the assembled media confused.

The later sessions saw Bodie Paige once again up top with Rikki Henry for company and brother Jake Paige a fast learner up into the top three.
For the majority of the OJC, working closely with the support team (including mum and dad!), it was a matter of getting into a rhythm and finding time here and there. Rider coach Garry McCoy was clear in his addresses with the riders; learn, progress and stay upright.

Mercifully, they largely listened and a terrific season of OJC awaits us.

Day Two Combined Times, Official ASBK Test, SMSP

1 36 Rikki HENRY (SA) 1:59.364
2 74 Bodie PAIGE (QLD) 1:59.753
3 40 Hunter CORNEY (QLD) 1:59.974
4 42 Riley NAUTA (QLD)  2:00.160
5 7 Sam DRANE (NSW) 2:00.890
6 55 Jake PAIGE (QLD) 2:01.069
7 48 Valentino KNEZOVIC (NSW)  2:01.074
8 23 Jed FYFFE (NSW) 2:01.321
9 61 Ella McCAUSLAND (VIC)  2:01.332
10 37 Alexander CODEY (NSW)  2:01.492

For more information on the bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup, stay tuned to the ASBK website and OJC social media channels:

Official Calendar for the 2023 bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup