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ASBK ’22: Dunker Doubles Down: Dunlop Supersport 300 and Yamaha Finance R3 Cup

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Dunlop Supersport 300

Race 2

Already-crowned Dunlop Supersport 300 Champion Dunker had an amazing start on lap one. Despite this initial lead, by the end of the first lap he had slotted into second place. Sam Pezzetta now led the race in the familiar position of having Dunker hot on his tail.

Nelson sat behind the leaders on lap one in third place. Dunker took back the lead over the line into lap two it was Nelson, Pezzetta and Aksu tightly contesting the top spots. The lead group pushed hard throughout Lap two with all eyes on Aksu, Dunker Nelson and Pezzetta all jostling for the first place.

Throughout the race Newman, Morrison and Gilbert all fought hard up the back to get every spot possible.

Through Lap three, Pezzetta was looking for any opportunity possible to break away to take his first main race win at the Bend. All members of the leading group were extremely tight with just 2.4 seconds from first to seventh.

Point scores in the championship changed every single corner with all vying for every place increase.

Lap four, leader Pezzetta managing to hold off Swain, just .42 back. Dunker set a blistering fastest lap of the race with a 2:10.0

Swain passed Pezzetta on lap five, making the most of an open opportunity. Dunker made the move up to second place, pushing Pezzette back into third before Pezzetta naturally reclaimed second as they crossed the line for the final lap board.

Swain had Pezzetta tapping loudly on his exhaust throughout the final lap. Pezzetta put his head down, looking to slip away and he and Swain opened a small lead on the main pack through every turn.

Pezzetta put his head down for the drag race to the line with Swain.

It was the tightest of finishes with Swain pipping Pezzetta by a cosy .006 of a second- one of the tightest margins in Supersport 300 history!


Race 3

Straight from the line, Dunker placed himself in the lead and was very unkeen to give it up, Pezzetta held off a strong charge from Aksu who had made a solid charge from fifth on the grid.

Henry Snell ran wide on during lap two at turn 13, sending him onto the grass but was able to rejoin, but giving up a spot.

Dunker held a strong lead over the pack (by Supersport 300 standards!) throughout lap two with a 0.570 lead over Aksu across the line of start on lap three.

Throughout lap three, Pezzetta was looking for any opportunity to pass Aksu and have a crack at Dunker. Finally, Pezzetta got his wish, putting it all on the line and moving into second position.

Lap four and Pezzetta set his signs on the rear tyre of Dunker, and it was evident he was keen to put the newly-minted 2022 Dunlop Supersport 300 champion behind him.

For all this effort, Pezzetta pushed his luck and his front wheel, and it washed out and Pezzetta found himself off track and back to 16th place. There ended the dream of a podium.

Aksu moved back through settling back onto Dunker and Swani moved on up from fourth to third.

Swain and Nelson fought hard for the third into the final lap- both not wanting to give an inch.

Dunker added another notch to his belt of victories taking the race win comfortably with Aksu in second and Swain holding off Nelson’s attacks for a well-deserved third.




THE BEND, AUSTRALIA. 27 November, 2022. Samuel Pezzetta, Cameron Swain, Cameron Dunker at the final round of the mi-bike Motorcycle Insurance Australian Superbike Championship, presented by Motul at The Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend, South Australia. Credit Karl Phillipson/ASBK

Yamaha Finance R3 Cup

Race Two

Cameron Dunker had the focus of a prospective R3 champion in the morning, and after a spectacular finish from yesterday, he was clearly aiming to make it a Supersport 300/R3 Cup double today.

He went from tied on points to 13 points up on Glenn Nelson thanks to Saturday evening’s victory in race one.

The race kicked off with a very eager field ready at the get go, Abbie Cameron was unfortunately too eager and received a jump start penalty.

Dunker had a great start off the line pushing hard through lap one and it was clear he was here to make history. Keeping cool and consistent under the pressure of a charging field behind him he took control in the same style we are used to seeing from the baby-faced assassin.

Pezzetta got to work early starting from fourth place on the grid and jumped straight into second during lap one. Hayden Nelson had a challenging race and while he started from second on the grid, he fell back into fourth during the first lap, and continued to feel the pressure and was squeezed further back to ninth by lap three and hung on there for the rest of the race.

Dunker stayed in control and didn’t put a wheel wrong despite the pressures of hometown hero Pezzetta following his rear wheel. The race action came right down to the line with Pezzetta looking for opportunities to make the crucial move however it wasn’t to be as he finished just .225 behind the now two category champion Dunker.

An amazing race by all riders but there was no doubt Dunker had earned the crown as the 2022 Yamaha Finance R3 cup champion.

Race 3

Dunker took charge from the get-go, looking to make it a clean sweep for the weekend. Pezzetta was determined to make up for his mistake in race two and looked stronger than ever throughout the opening lap but came under attack from Hayden Nelson and Aksu sending Pezzetta back into fourth.

Of course, Pezzetta fought back to finish the lap back in second place.

Into lap three, Dunker was holding a dominant lead of 1.991 over Pezzetta who was in the thick of the pack under attack. By the end lap of three Dunker extended a 2.352 lead, really taking everyone to school.

It was evident that the fight for the standings was going to be only for second place with Hayden Nelson sliding past Pezzetta. That move wouldn’t last long, with a mistake costing the spot and Hamod was able to move into second place with Pezzetta holding onto a third.

Pezzetta, not giving up, fought past Hamod into second position for the all-important last lap.

With a 2.776 gap ahead to Dunker, Pezzetta was focused on holding onto second.

A hungry Marcus Hamod was looking for opportunities to end his season with a win but couldn’t quite get the job done. Dunker crossed in first position yet again.

At the end of the day, Dunker rode to the level befitting a champion, pushing the limits of himself and his machine to further extend and cement his Championship and utterly demonstrate that he was and is the best 300 rider of 2022.


Dunker took both titles in 2022 as Beny Baker did in 2021.