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Marcus Hamod confirmed as 2023 Australian Supersport 300 champion

By MA Media 0

At the 2023 mi-bike Motorcycle Insurance Australian Superbike Championship presented by Motul (ASBK) final round at The Bend in South Australia on Sunday, December 3, a protest was initiated by Supersport 300 competitor Marcus Hamod, alleging that Cameron Swain (No. 26) passed him under a yellow flag zone in race two.

An MA Steward’s Hearing was conducted to review the incident, with the MA Steward’s determination imposing a drop of one position in Supersport 300 race two results for Cameron Swain (No. 26).

Following The Bend, a post-event Appeal was lodged by Supersport 300 rider Cameron Swain (No. 26) over the decision of the MA Steward.

In accordance with the appeal process – officially known as the MA’s Non-National Integrity Framework Dispute and Complaint Resolution Policy – the case was referred to an Independent Review Tribunal to make a determination on the outcome of this case.

All parties had the opportunity to present their cases and review the presentation of evidence to the Independent Review Tribunal, including documentation, video replays, ASBK Sporting Regulations and the Manual of Motorcycle Sport. This process has occurred over the past few months.

Upon investigating the facts of the case and considering the evidence, the Independent Review Tribunal has upheld the decision of the MA Steward, with the penalty – requiring Swain to drop one position in Supersport 300 race two – to still apply.

Based on this determination by the Independent Review Tribunal, the ASBK Championship now confirms Marcus Hamod as the 2023 Australian Supersport 300 champion.

Motorcycling Australia has advised this matter is now closed.