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Pearson returns to Alpinestars Superbike with DesmoSport Ducati

Late Wednesday the 27th of July saw a wave of excitement ripple through the ASBK paddock as DesmoSport Ducati made it official: Broc Pearson – 2021 Michelin Supersport Champion – will race alongside Bryan Staring on the DesmoSport Ducati Panigale V4 R at Morgan Park Raceway.



Following the news, we caught up with Pearson to get the inside scoop.


How did this opportunity come about?

Ben and TB have been guys I have got along with for some time, Ben had said to me last year if I won the supersport championship, he would lend me the keys to the Panigale V4 R for a day. After some time away from the track, I pretty much asked Ben if that offer still stood. It was not as simple as that for sure but that’s where it kicked off and here we are.

When you left 727, was this in mind?

No, certainly not. As I have mentioned before, I have been into TB & Ben for years about a ride. It was always just a bit of a laugh to be honest. I never expected a ride to happen this year

Okay, so what were your first impressions of the DesmoSport Panigale?

Fast, real fast. It has shown me what a great package the DesmoSport Ducati Panigale V4 R really is. I have a lot to learn, I’m young and still don’t really have that much experience on superbikes, but I love riding their motorcycle and that says plenty.

How does it differ to the R1 you were previously riding?

They’re not comparable at all, the Panigale V4 R comes on so strong at a different range of the power and it has a very advanced electronics package which I am starting to adapt to. I am changing the way I ride a little to work with the bike and it is making a noticeable difference.

What was the hardest thing to come to terms with?

It has probably been the electronics side. I need to have complete trust in the electronics package to do its job and while I try and control it myself, it just confuses the bike. With that being said, I am getting more familiar each outing with that.

After the test/s what are the bikes strengths? How will you capitalise on them?

There are so many strengths to the bike, I can’t really fault anything at this point. It feels like it’s been quite some time since I have achieved a fast lap time and while I have more in the tank, it just felt good to get back into the grind of riding a superbike. It is super easy to get carried away and just enjoy cutting laps but with that being said, I do think that’s a great way to go fast too. I want to enjoy my racing, that is always my main goal and the results will come. I only have positive feedback so far.

How is the bike suited to Morgan Park?

Great, the team have so much data from when Mike & Oli rode their way around the circuit, they both achieved very fast times, faster than where I am currently so the base set up I have, is working in a great window. Bryan is showing that too, he was very fast there in our last outing.

What are your expectations/goals?

Going faster than Oli would be a great start, haha. All jokes aside, I don’t really know, it has been a difficult year and I did not meet my expectations early on which made it quite mentally challenging. I back myself 100%, I always have but we have a very strong field this year, it’s just not as easy as said. I do have a personal goal in mind, and when I can achieve that one for myself, I’ll be working towards becoming more of a threat for the lead riders. There’s nothing better than that feeling.

When can we talk about season 2023?

Haha, maybe in a few months. One thing at a time currently. I have probably hassled Benny and TB enough to this point.



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