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William Hunt

Name: William Hunt

Nickname: Dad calls me Bud

Current age and Birthday: 11 years old, 27/12/09

Hometown/State: Glenmore Park, New South Wales

What year level are you in and what school do you attend? Year six at Glenmore Park Public School

First bike you ever rode? PeeWee 50

First Road Bike you ever rode? Kayo 150

What was your debut year in ASBK? 2021

What do you hope to achieve in 2021? Placing top ten overall in the OJC Championship.

Who is your motorcycling hero? And why? Valentino Rossi, because he is a Multiple World Champion and is also a kind person.

Describe yourself in 20 words: I’m a happy 11-year-old who loves ice-cream, motorbikes, scooters and push bikes. I hope one day to be just like Rossi.

Fun or Interesting fact about yourself: I won many Billy Cart Derby’s when I was four.

What social media platforms do you use: Facebook – William Hunt & Instagram – @williamhunt046